Sarms and Testosterone


Testosterone is primary male sex hormone and is responsible for various functions throughout the body. It is involved in sperm production, impacts muscle and bone mass, affects how fat is stored in the body, the production of red blood cells and also is a determinant of a person’s mood. Performance enhancers such as anabolic steroids are well known for the negative impact they can have on testosterone production. An alternative product which is steadily gaining popularity within the wider fitness community are sarms and part of the reason is the minimal side effects they generate in relation to your testosterone levels.

Sarms are the acronym for selective androgen receptor modulators. They are similar in nature to anabolic steroids but tend to have significantly less negative side effects due to the way they function. Whereas steroids target all androgen receptors in the body, including those in the sex hormones, sarms are far more selective, focussing primarily on the bones and the muscles. They also will not aromatise into estrogen and nor do they impact the prostate, further setting them apart from steroids.

The body is very receptive to the use of sarms, even at very low dosages. They promote benefits to the body such as an increase to muscle mass, a prevention to muscle wasting, an increase to bone density and minerals, an increase to strength, a way to lose fat, an increase to strength and a boost to endurance levels. They do have side effects as well but due to the small recommended dosages, as long asthey are adhered to, they tend to be minimal in impact.

Different sarms’ side effects are known to include a negative impact on the liver. Liver inflammation is likely to be the most severe side effect that you might experience. Two enzymes produced in the liver, Aspartate Aminotransferase and Alanine Aminotransferase, are indicators of liver disease with increased levels being abnormal and a sign of the illness. Other side effects include hair loss and acne, although these tend to be more prevalent in people that are already mildly experiencing these conditions. Painful muscle pumps are another side effect that some users’ can relate to as well impacts to vision such as a slight yellow tinge or blurriness. The most common side effect however is likely to be a suppression of testosterone.

Testosterone suppression is a common theme to sarms use. The positive side of this coin is that whilst testosterone levels are reduced, the building blocks to testosterone production remain unaffected. Luteinizing hormoneand follicle stimulating hormone synthesise together in the reproductive system to regulate the production of testosterone. Sarms selectively avoid impacting these hormones so that once a cycle of sarms is completed, they can work together to return testosterone levels to normal.

If there is any concern regarding lasting testosterone suppression there are products known as PCTs (Post Cycle Therapy) that can hasten the body’s production. These typically work to lower estrogen levels which augments the function of luteinizing hormone, encouraging testosterone production. If you’re seeking clarity regarding the necessity of a PCT, the best way to determine it is to have a blood test taken to check your testosterone levels.

Sarms are an excellent way to achieve greater results in your workouts, increase your strength and help you to lose fat. They will impact your testosterone however will not be as detrimental to your body as other performance enhancers such as anabolic steroids. Your levels should refer to normal at the conclusion of a cycle however PCTs are an option if you need help with testosterone recovery.