Foods Ideal for Enhancing Testosterone

Enhancing Testosterone

Testosterone is a key male hormone that is essential for maintaining male virility and vitality. And it’s no thanks to nature, testosterone levels begin to diminish from the age of around 30 years. This means, the individual concerned will begin to experience a low libido, suffer from mental fog, and experience much fewer “morning glories”.


Testosterone is produced inside the testicles. By regularly exercising, and taking in enough rest, you will only be helping the situation. The foods you consume are also vital in determining the levels of your testosterone. I have put together a shortlist of the main testosterone enhancing foods that you should seriously look into.

Start with Cabbage


Cabbage is a great source of indole-3-carbinol. This nutrient is extremely effective in flushing out any female hormones that may be present in the body. In a recent study carried out by a leading university in the United States, 500 mg of indole-3-carbinol was administered to a group of 20 men on a daily basis.

The results even surprised the researchers. All 20 men managed to reduce their estrogen levels by no less than half.

Eggs Are Great for The Hormones


Did you know the cholesterol inside the egg yolk is a forerunner to testosterone?

A study carried out by the University of Connecticut found that by simply eating three eggs a day will not skyrocket your cholesterol levels, as previously thought.

Enhancing Testosterone

Milk: A Great Way of Getting Lean


A study carried out by the University of Pittsburg confirmed that obese and even mildly overweight men had more estrogen in their bodies, than their thinner counterparts. Contrary to the commonly held belief, drinking plenty of milk can trigger a factor reduction. This is made possible by the testosterone enhancement milk provides.

Milk is an excellent source of amino acids that are vital in helping to trigger the production of anabolic hormones. As you may well know, this will notably lead to less body fat, and more lean muscle. Nutritionists recommend that you drink 200 ml of milk, three times a day.

Honey: Excellent for Blood Flow


Honey is packed with boron, which has a strong long link to testosterone according to scientists. Honey is also rich in nitric oxide which is great for opening up the blood vessels, and allowing more frequent, and firmer erections.

All you need is as little as 4 spoons of honey a day, and you’ll be well on your way in enhancing your nitric oxide levels.

Garlic: The Muscle Fuel


Garlic contains allicin, which is an important compound that helps to lower cortisol, leading to a reduction of stress levels. Cortisol works to compete with testosterone, racing againts this hormone to get into the muscle cells. The moment cortisol levels drop, testosterone is able to work effectively.

Nutritionists recommend that garlic should be eaten uncooked.

Increase Your Venison Intake


This does not apply to vegetarians, because a vegetarian diet is likely to reduce testosterone levels by up to 14%, due to a lack of protein that is required for triggering testosterone production. On the other hand, a recent study carried out by the University of Utah, researchers discovered that a saturated-fats-rich diet, consisting of beef and lamb also harmed testosterone levels.

It is recommended that you tread the “middle ground” and opt to eat venison instead.

Pomegranate: Great to Get Your Juices Going


According to the International Journal of impotence, one glass of pomegranate juice a day was capable of improving symptoms of impotence by up to 47%.

Avocados: Excellent for Cleansing the Body


Cholesterol comes in many forms, and it’s the LDL-cholesterol that we’re interested in the segment. LDL-cholesterol is very bad for you because it essentially closes up the arteries, leading to erectile dysfunction. A study carried out by the Penn State University found that men consuming high levels of monounsaturated fats, nearly always had lower LDL cholesterol levels and more testosterone, than men who did not have a high intake of these fats.

Foods rich in monounsaturated fats include salmon, nuts, vegetables, and avocados in particular.

Tuna: Great for Fuelling the Libido


There is a lot of vitamin D in tuna fish. This vitamin is essential in bolstering testosterone levels. A recent study by the Graz Medical University in Austria found that vitamin D was capable of enhancing testosterone levels by up to 90%. Vitamin D also works to help reduce libido diminishing chemicals, including the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

One simple can of tuna will contain 100% of exactly what you need on a daily basis.

Grapes: The Sperm Fuel


Did you know that by eating a bunch of red grapes everyday can supercharge your sperm production? Grape-skin is rich in resveratrol, which works to make sperm healthy.

A recent study carried out by a leading Chinese laboratory found that 10 g of great skin was more than suffice in elevating testosterone levels, as well as greatly enhancing sperm motility.